Ward 9 Cable 14 Debates Revealing

Brad Clark is Getting Things Done

When elected in 2018, I promised residents that I would consult them on the proposed Elfrida Growth District and the Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR). Residents were rightly miffed when in the previous term of Council the consultation was limited to homes within 120m of the proposed growth district. The proposed growth plan for the entire city was limited to Elfrida only and would have increased the population in Ward 9 by 130,000 residents.

Clark, “I fulfilled my promises and I listened to the residents.”

The record shows that I moved a motion directing staff to conduct the largest public consultation in the history of the city. There was a record number of 18,000 responses received with the overwhelming majority supporting no urban boundary expansion. In fact, 82% of mail survey responses and 97% of email survey responses opposed expanding the urban boundary.

I advocated for an authenticate city-wide Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) rather than limiting it to the designated growth district in Elfrida. Staff and Council agreed and the MCR was modified to a full Municipally Initiated Comprehensive Review.

I also raised concerns about a secondary planning process that was underway for Elfrida. I argued that it was premature as the MCR was not yet completed. Staff agreed and stopped the secondary planning process.

The results of my work helped to lead the Council to freeze the urban boundary in November 2021.


During the recent Ward 9 Cable 14 debate it was revealed that one of my opponents, Mr. Lanza, has dismissed the results of the largest mail-in survey in Hamilton’s history. Mr. Lanza is well aware that 18,000 residents responded with an overwhelming majority saying NO to the proposed urban boundary expansion. Yet, Mr. Lanza continues to express his support for the proposed Elfrida Growth District which would drop over 130,000 new residents into Upper Stoney Creek without the infrastructure to sustain them.

My opponent is now telling residents that the “decision is done”, implying that his position to support sprawl is irrelevant. Don’t be fooled, as the new Council can easily overturn the previous Council’s decision with a simple majority vote.

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