The Case of the Missing Brad Clark Lawn Signs

It was a dreary, windy, wet night. The kind where you don’t want to go outside. The wind was howling. I was making a nice cup of hot tea. I was still shivering from installing lawn signs earlier in the rain. Now, all I wanted was to snuggle up under a warm blanket with my favourite drink and a few snacks.

It was 9:05pm when the phone rang. I looked up from under my warm blankets to answer my phone. I thought, at this hour it could be urgent.

“Hello, this is Brad Clark speaking.”

“Mr. Clark, you may not remember me, but you put your sign on my lawn today…. and well I was just taking me evening pills and… I looked out the window to see a young man on my lawn. The little #&@&*#W took your sign and tossed it in the backseat of a car… and they sped away. Who would do such a thing?”

“Did you get the license plate or colour of the car?”

“No, it was dark and it happened so fast. You must be ahead of the game for people to be stealing your signs. Who would do such a thing?”

“That is a good question. I guess we would have to ask who would benefit from my signs disappearing. Regardless, I will have the sign replaced tomorrow. Thank you again, for letting me know.”

The next morning, I drove over to Crafter Crescent to check out my signs, where just last week my friend Naseer, his family and I found overwhelming support in this neighbourhood. This photograph says more than my words ever could.

Brad Clark lawn signs placed on Crafter Cres.

When I returned to Crafter Crescent, I found thirty-three lawn signs had just disappeared. Poof, they were gone! I drove around and checked the other streets in the area and I found exactly the same thing. My signs were gone, and instead the streets were plastered with one of my competitors signs. I am not a naïve man. I know that some misguided or slightly over zealous volunteers have been known to damage or steal signs. But, this is not an isolated incident. Signs have gone missing on Highland Road and in other neighbourhoods. It appears to be an organized effort.

As a result, my sign inventory has been depleted. So, you may see some of my older lawn signs, (see below), popping up to replace the stolen or damaged signs.

If you happen to have a video of the culprits stealing or vandalizing my lawn signs please give me a call at 905 560-1090.

To the people, who are stealing my signs, this is not funny. Donors that donated to my campaign paid for the signs. They are expensive. If you know where the signs are, please call me. I forgive you for these incidents. All I want is to have my 128 signs returned. Feel free to drop them off anonymously.

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