Election Day Surprise in Ward 9

Today, I woke up to an election day surprise. All of the Brad Clark lawns signs that were on my street, except one, were stolen last night. A quick drive around the ward revealed more signs missing, in fact most of my signs were stolen last night and by sheer coincidence, I’m sure, my main opponents signs have popped up like toast everywhere.

First, we received a brochure filled with outright lies, rumours and innuendo. Next, we had a rash of sign thefts across the ward. In an election about trust and integrity, these acts are deplorable.

I encourage all Ward 9 residents to go to the polls. Vote to re-elect Brad Clark to continue getting things done in Ward 9.

NOTE: Please check your video cameras for footage. If you have captured the theft of my signs, please share the video with me. brad.clark@cogeco.ca

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