Brad’s Plan

  1. Continue my work with staff to improve the state of repair of Ward 9 roads, bridges, and sidewalks.
  2. Continue working with staff to develop a workplan to replace aging playgrounds such as Valley Park in 2023, Maplewood Park in 2024, Paramount Park in 2025, Felker’s Park in 2026 and to include new sun shelters and water fountains where possible.
  3. Advocate for a new policy requiring developers to install any proposed parks and playgrounds in their developments prior to home occupancy.
  4. Work with staff and GFL management to expand the leash-free dog park with additional parking and a water fountain.
  5. Add a splash pad in Summit Park.

  1. Work with residents to democratically establish local neighbourhood traffic calming measures.
  2. Work with staff to install a pedestrian activated cross-walk at Pembroke and Paramount to enable safe crossing to Valley Park Community Centre and Library.
  3. Work with principals, school councils and parents to improve safety at school drop-offs.
  4. Work to implement staff recommendations on my requested Complete Streets Assessments of First Rd West and Isaac Brock Drive.
  5. Work with traffic management staff, police and residents to find the ways and means to minimize aggressive driving along Ridge Road.

  1. Continue my advocacy for the development of engineered wetlands to mitigate flooding and help protect biodiversity.
  2. Advocate the expansion of my initiative to ensure real-time public notification of any sewerage discharges to the natural environment to include all combined sewerage overflow tanks.
  3. Conserve and preserve environmentally sensitive areas, open spaces and farmland.
  4. Continue to support the city’s recently approved Community Energy and Emissions Plan to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  5. Work with staff to implement recommendations from my recently requested third party flood assessments of Foxmeadow Drive and Foxtrot Drive.

  1. Continue to advocate for food security policies to maximize farm yields.
  2. Advocate for the acquisition of the soon-to-close Tapleytown School for a future rural community centre.
  3. Continue to oppose elimination of area rating for public transit.
  4. Work to ensure that rural residents do not pay for transit services which they do not receive.
  5. Advocate for the inclusion of a trans-cab service to connect rural residents with HSR public transit routes.
  6. Continue to support Bell’s extension of broad-band internet into the rural areas of the city.
  7. Work with planning staff and legitimate area farmers to minimize red tape for farm work houses and/or bunk houses for migrant workers.
  8. Continue to work with HSR staff to improve local public transit service to increase convenience, frequency and connectivity.
  1. Continue to advocate for the expansion of my successful motion that ensures Routine Disclosure and Active Dissemination of municipal records.
  2. Continue to monitor the success of my motion that directed staff to separate legal advice from staff advice to maximize public disclosure of staff reports.
  3. Work to ensure that staff comply with my motion to share all consultant reports indicating an imminent threat to employee or public health and safety.
  4. Continue to produce and distribute public notices, annual Ward Reports and Term Reports to keep Ward 9 residents informed.

  1. Continue to demonstrate civility, respectful decorum and integrity in all dealings with residents, staff and council.
  2. Continue to encourage collaboration and respectful deliberation among Councillors.
  3. Continue to demonstrate proper, knowledgeable and respectful chairing of standing committee meetings.
  4. Continue to ensure that all delegates appearing before Council are treated respectfully, equally, fairly and reasonably.

  1. Continue to push value for your property taxes.
  2. Continue to advocate for the elimination of red-tape.
  3. Continue to require developer public consultations prior to the legislated planning act public hearings to minimize delays.
  4. Save taxpayers money by minimizing suburban growth as the operational costs are much higher than denser urban growth.
  5. Continue my work to ensure walkable, cyclable communities with a diverse commercial areas, a variety of restaurants and entertainment.
  6. Continue to encourage community and stakeholder collaboration for future development decisions.
  7. Continue to support local internet companies with their ongoing installation of their fibre optic cabling to improve services.