Who is Councillor Brad Clark?

Brad Clark has over twenty five years of experience in executive management, public affairs, communications, government relations, resource development and community relations. Brad owned and operated his own Public Affairs Firm, where he assisted organizations in navigating the halls of government. He provided in depth research services, drafted new public policies, wrote discussion papers, provided insightful analysis and advice on municipal, provincial and federal public affairs.

Brad Clark Served on the Following Committees

  1. City Council
  2. General Issues Committee
  3. Hamilton Board of Health
  4. Emergency and Community Services Committee
  5. Licensing Tribunal
  6. Hamilton Conservation Authority Board Member
  7. Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board Member
  8. Niagara Escarpment Commissioner
  9. Agricultural and Rural Affairs Advisory Committee
  10. Governance Review Sub-Committee
  11. Government Relations Sub-Committee
  12. Development Charges Review Sub-Committee
  13. Stoney Creek Regional Facility Community Liaison Committee (CLC)
  14. Heritage Green Community Trust Board Member
  15. Audit Finance and Administration Selection Committee
  16. Selection Committee for Agencies, Boards, Commissions & Sub-Committees
  17. Red Hill Valley Joint Stewardship Board
  18. Transit Area Rating committee, suburban.
  19. Hamilton Wentworth Catholic School Board Liaison Committee

Brad served in the 37th Parliament as MPP for the Riding of Stoney Creek, Minister of Labour, Commissioner Board of Internal Economy, Minister of Transportation, Vice Chair Management (Treasury) Board,  Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Assistant Deputy Government Whip.