How to help Brad?

I am truly grateful for the support of the many volunteers who have already joined me in knocking on doors, installing signs and helping in numerous other tasks. Thank you!

Running a successful election campaign is expensive. While I am grateful for the many supporters who have already made donations to my campaign, we do need additional support to reach all voters in this large geographical ward..

I would truly appreciate your financial support.

While the max donation is limited to $1,200, we always welcome and are grateful for any donation that you can afford. Please note that corporate and union donations are not permitted under the Municipal Elections Act.

We can receive you donation with a personal cheque made out to the Brad Clark Campaign, which Brad will personally pick up. We can also receive financial e-transfers sent to We will immediately forward a receipt for your donation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 905 560-1090.